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Boscolo - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation EU 679/2016
With this policy, Boscolo Tours S.p.A. intends to inform visitors of the website "www.boscolo.com" (hereinafter, the “Website”) about the policy adopted on Personal Data Protection thereby highlighting their commitment and attention to protect the privacy of visitors of the Website. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully, as it applies whether you simply access the Website and browse its contents or intend to use our services.
Users are free to browse the Website and does not require any registration whatsoever, with the exception of some areas where users can freely and expressly provide a series of data concerning them to access specific services (e.g. to register and access contents under "MyArea", to benefit of the respective services, to request information through the "Contact Us" section or to register to the Newsletter by accessing the provided area, etc.).
If users intend to provide their personal data to access said additional services, they will be expressly informed pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation EU 679/2016 (hereinafter, "GDPR") indicating (by way of example) the purposes and methods of use of the data by Boscolo Tours S.p.A., as well as the right to request the cancellation of the data or their updating at any time.
In compliance with article 13 of the GDPR EU 679/2016, Boscolo Tours S.p.A. provides the following information.

The website www.boscolo.com  (“Website”) is managed by Boscolo Tours S.p.A., with head office located in Padua (PD), Via Uruguay, 47, 35127, Tel. [0497620111] Fax [0497620110], Tax ID and VAT number 04845610288 (“Boscolo Tours”), as Data Controller pursuant to the GDPR.
No registration procedure is required to access the Website. However, there are sections within the Website that require registration or the use of a username and password (e.g. to register and access contents under “MyArea” and benefit of the respective services), or services where personal data must be provided before using them (e.g. to contact us, receive the newsletter, etc.). With reference to browsing of the Website, see section 7 on the profiling tools used by the Website. 
Personal data is gathered and collected for purposes strictly related to the using the Website and its services.
The purposes of using the data are outlined in detailed in the information specifications provided by the Website in all cases in which data is collected. We therefore ask to read carefully all the information statements that outline the data processing characteristics to be implemented by Boscolo Tours (e.g. to register and access the contents of “MyArea”, to benefit of the respective services, etc.).
Your personal data will be processed in full compliance with privacy laws.
Providing personal data is generally optional. Only in specific cases failing to provide personal data may result in the inability to access the specific requested services (e.g. registration is necessary to access the contents of “MyArea” and to benefit of the respective services; providing an email address is necessary to be contacted by Boscolo Tours). Failure to provide said data may therefore prevent Boscolo Tours from allowing access to certain services of the Website or meet the requests of users. Data that becomes necessary from time to time are outlined in the data collection forms available in the Website, e.g. marked with an asterisk (*) and the consequences for failing to provide them are outlined in the specific information statements available in the data collection pages.
Data will be processed electronically and through paper-based records. Boscolo Tours ensures that the personal data provided through the Website will be processed lawfully, in accordance with principles of correctness and in full compliance with applicable standards while ensuring the utmost confidentiality of the data provided during the registration process. Data will not be disseminated and will be processed by personnel expressly authorized to manage the Website by the IT Management Department/ Graphics Management Department and Web/Marketing Management Department. Due to organizational and functional needs, we have appointed several service providers to manage the Website as external processors of personal data of users for purposes strictly related to rendering the services provided (e.g. deal with payment processing, data storage, hosting of websites, deal with orders and shipments, support for direct marketing activities, etc.). A complete list of external data processors can be requested by contacting Boscolo Tours.
This information statement is provided only for the website www.boscolo.com and not for any other websites that the user may access through links. Boscolo Tours will not be held accountable for personal data provided by users to external entities or to any websites that are linked to this Website.
Boscolo Tours does not conduct any promotional marketing or advertising activity without the prior express consent of the user
The Website uses technical cookies (to facilitate the Website's browsing and usage) and profile cookies (to analyze users and their behavior and preferences and to provide them with personalized advertisement).
For a detailed explanation on the cookies used by the Website and on how to disable them, please read our Cookie Policy.
Data related to the services provided by the Website is processed at the registered office and administrative offices of Boscolo Tours S.p.A., located in Via Uruguay 47, Padua (PD), 35127. The data gathered and processed through the Website will not be subject to disclosure to non-EU countries.
Your personal data will be processed for the time set out in the information specifications provided when the data is collected (e.g. registration to "MyArea" to benefit of the respective services, use the "contact us" service to be contacted by operators of Boscolo Tours, etc.).  As for the preservation time of personal data gathered using profiling tools (e.g. cookies), refer to our Cookie Policy.
By sending an email to [email protected], Boscolo Tours S.p.A., with registered office located in Via Uruguay 47, Padua (PD), 35127 you may exercise the rights envisaged in articles from 15 through 22 of the GDPR, including the right to know what data we are processing, what methods are used and for what purpose, as well as the right to change data that you have provided or delete it, ask to limit the use of your personal data, request to receive or disclose your data, notwithstanding the chance to change your consents (if provided).
You may always object to the processing of your personal data, particularly when data is processed for marketing proposes or to analyze your preferences.
Keep in mind that if you believe that the data processing concerning you violates the provisions of the GDPR, you may file a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (www.garanteprivacy.it), or the Data Protection Authority of the country where you normally reside or work or the place where the alleged violation took place.
This Privacy Policy Statement is regulated by the GDPR EU 679/2016, which ensures that personal data will be processed in compliance with fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the dignity of the data subject, with particular reference to confidentiality, personal identity and personal data protection right.
Boscolo Tours reserves the right to review, edit or simply update this Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, at its exclusive discretion and in any way or at any time, even considering amendments of laws or regulations on personal data protection. The changes and updates of the Privacy Policy Statement will be notified by publishing a notice clearly shown in the information statement or in the Home Page of the website, or by sending an email. Users are in any case invited to check the presence of any updates to this privacy statement by visiting the Website.

The full text of the GDPR EU 679/2016 can be consulted on the website of the Data Protection Authority www.garanteprivacy.it.
Your personal data will be processed:
  • in accordance with article 6, paragraph 1, letter (b) of the GDPR to manage the use of the Services requested through the Website, manage our customer loyalty initiatives through the registration to “MyArea” of the Website and to fulfil any of your requests;
  • based on your consent and in compliance with article 6, paragraph 1, letter (a) of the GDPR, to implement marketing activities and analyze your preferences.
In any case, data shall be processed pursuant to applicable standards issued by the Data Protection Authority, as amended and supplemented thereof.
Articles 15 through 22 of the GDPR recognize specific rights, including:
  • the right to obtain confirmation about the processing of personal data concerning you;
  • the right to access your personal data and the information indicated in article 15 of the GDPR;
  • the right to rectify inaccurate personal data concerning you without unjustified delay or to supplement incomplete personal data;
  • the right to cancel personal data concerning you without unjustified delay;
  • the right to restrict the processing of personal data concerning you;
  • the right to be informed of any rectifications, deletions or restrictions to the processing made in relation to the personal data concerning you;
  • the right to receive a structured format of common use and legible form of your personal data from an automated device;
  • the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data for reasons related to a special situation.
The above without prejudice to your right to withdraw the consent to the processing at any time possibly given and the right to object to our analytical activities. Moreover, in compliance with article 21 of the GDPR, you have the right to object, at any time and for reasons concerning a special situation, to the processing of your personal data to pursue the legitimate interests of the Data Controller pursuant to article 6, paragraph 1, letter (f) of the GDPR.